Many people are involved in the process and implementation of Treasure Tampa.  A team of business, community, and arts leaders review applications in a two phase process; (1) the Letters of Interest (LOI) and (2) Applications.  This panel works together, facilitated by The Gobioff Foundation, to ensure that the process is fair and equitable. The panelists use rating instruments created by the Gobioff Foundation at both phases of the review process.  During the decision making process averages of these ratings are used to inform the panel discussion.

Phase 1: Letter of Interest

  1. Review panelists individually rate each Letter of Interest submitted
  2. Review panel determines which projects will be invited to submit an application for Treasure Tampa

Phase 2: Application

  1. Review panelists individually rate each Application submitted
  2. Review panel identifies projects to fund
  3. Review panel will recommend funding amounts for each project

Phase 3: Project(s) Execution

  1. Recipients Notified
  2. Project(s) Implemented
  3. Project(s) Provide Feedback

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