Treasure Tampa is defining creative placemaking as the utilization of creative talent to elevate a community through cross-sector and community partnerships.


  • Creativity: The heart of the creative placemaking project must be art, creativity, artists, or culture.
  • Community:  The community impacted by the creative placemaking project must be involved either in the design, creation, or implementation of the project.
  • Collaboration:  The creative placemaking project will be a multi-sector partnership between the public, private, or non-profit sectors.  A minimum of two sectors are expected to be involved in the project.
  • Region:  The creative placemaking project must happen completely within the City of Tampa (Tampa Map) or the neighborhood served by the University Area Community Development Corporation (UACDC Map).

Special Considerations: aspects of the creative placemaking project that will be taken into consideration but are not required.

  • Diversity embraced
  • Local artists employed
  • Low socioeconomic status population impacted
  • Event or project is accessible to all populations.
  • Works to solve a well defined community problem


Treasure Tampa will fund a total of $30,000 to one or multiple creative placemaking projects in each grant cycle.   The amount awarded to each project may vary.  Letters of interest should not exceed a $30,000 request.


Funding is for a 12 month period beginning on the date the grant recipient is announced.  The creative placemaking project must start within 6 months of that date, and be completed within one year.

Please check out our FAQ for additional information.

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